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Lifestyle Medicine Rx Summit Health Professionals

Global Lifestyle Medicine Summit

The Largest Gathering of Health Professionals & Health Lovers passionate about Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching.

Add yourself to our global movement and register for our upcoming Lifestyle Medicine Summit.

HealthiWealthi™ Coach Platform & Economy

HealthiWealthi™ is directly connecting YOU (individuals, families & teams) with your personal 24/7 coach offering evidence-based group meetings, personal consultations, unlimited chat support and micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®.
All for a ridiculously affordable flat fee.

Lifestyle Medicine Degree Program Grants Scholarships

Lifestyle Medicine Leadership Education Fund Scholarships

We inspire Lifestyle Medicine Leadership by providing Degree Scholarships to health professionals in underserved communities through our educational partner Lifestyle Prescriptions® University.

Lifestyle Medicine University Root-Cause Health Coach Accreditation

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Accreditation 

Accrediting Healthcare Provider and Schools in Lifestyle Medicine Health Coaching based on Root-Cause Analysis and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy.