Lifestyle Medicine and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Research

Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching and Lifestyle Prescriptions® has been extensively research. Here’s a selection:

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® University research of the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy
    • Aisling Killoran, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Infertility Health Coach Specialist – The Effect Of Emotions and Stress On Fertility
      Aisling demonstrated that Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching has a statistically significant improvement in health outcomes.
       In her study, out of the six case studies, four women who were medically diagnosed with unexplained infertility and were trying to become pregnant for over two years, are now pregnant and two have yet to become pregnant.
    • Jane Oelke, ND, PhD, LPHCS – Beliefs Affecting Chronic Pain Responses 
      This study was created for the objectives to study belief patterns and their relationship to the location of chronic pain.
       Thought-provoking associations between the top two belief patterns, the level of pain, and the symptoms that make it worse were found.
       The beliefs that “I am not strong enough” and “I have too many responsibilities.” correlate to the ability to control situations and the ability to deal with chronic pain.
    • John Rhodes, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Asthma Health Coach Specialist
      In a small research study John could show the following results using Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Self-Healing Protocols:
       40% of participants were able to stop using asthma medication altogether (confirmed by their GP).
       80% of participants had Final Peak Flow measurements corroborating their breathing improvement.
    • Empirical evidence of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching practitioners demonstrated and documented with over 1,000 client cases
    • Establishing evidence-inspired reference materials based on empirical data like the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Charts and the searchable online directory listing 150+ organ tissue with 2,000+ symptoms