About Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation

The Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by a global team of health care professionals, educators and administrators with a mission to inspire conscious and healthy living.
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Our Board of Directors

Elke Miller Kigala Los AngelesElke Miller M.A. | USA
Honored with the Federal Cross of Merit Germany
Executive Director Kigala Preschool
Founder and Founding President Goethe International Charter School
Board Member CQEL California Quality Early Learning and GABA WIB German American Business
Association – Chair Women in Business

Annie Gedye B.S. | UKAnnie Gedye Lifestyle Prescriptions Specialist
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist
Bowen Therapist
Energy Psychology Practitioner
Lifestyle Prescriptions® University
Faculty Member

Johannes R. Fisslinger | Germany & USAJohannes R. Fisslinger, Lifestyle Prescriptions Founder
Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions University
Developer ThermoBuzzer Imaging
Author of Lifestyle Prescriptions® | Self-Healing Made Easy Book Series
Directory of Lifestyle Medicine documentary
Producer of the Lifestyle Medicine Summits

Our Advisory Board

Danijela Hembal | USADanijela Hembal
M.A. in Sports Science
Miss World Fitness 1995 and 2001
Dance & Meditation Instructor
Yoga Teacher
Healing Dance Art rituals

Dr. Anton Bader Lifestyle Prescriptions Brain Relay Diagnostics

Dr. Anton Bader | Germany
Family Practice near Heilbronn
World-renowed Brain Relay Diagnostics expert
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist
Lifestyle Prescriptions® University
Faculty Member

Dr. Stephane Provencher | USADr. Stephane Provencher Lifestyle Prescriptions Specialist, Chiropractor
Chiropractic Doctor
Owner Gainesville Holistic Health Center
Lifestyle Medicine Professional
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist
Creator ‘Upgrade Your Brain’ Technique
Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Faculty Member

Yasmine Farouk M.A. | DubaiYasmine Farouk Lifestyle Prescriptions Dubai UAE Master Trainer
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Master Trainer in Dubai
Presenting Lifestyle Prescriptions® | Self-Healing Made Easy Foundation Course (Level 1)
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Practitioner (Level 2)
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Certification Training (Level 3)

Gita Jayakumar Lifestyle Prescriptions IndiaGita Jayakumar | India
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Master Trainer in India
Energy Psychology Practitioner
Fitness & Yoga Instructor
Nutrition Counselor
Aromatherapy, Acupressure Therapist

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