About Us

Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the State of Wyoming, USA with a mission to support students with grants, communities with awareness campaigns and health professionals with Lifestyle Medicine education.

In addition, Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation is the global accreditation organization for root-cause based Lifestyle Medicine Health Practitioners and Health Coaches. The LMUF Advisory Board consists of health professionals with a minimum of the following credentials and practical experience:

  • 500 hours of Root-Cause Based Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine training
  • 500 hours of Lifestyle Medicine Health Coaching practice with clients
  • At least 3 years study and practice of Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy

LMUF Advisory Board

  • Dr. Anton Bader, LPHCS (Germany)
  • Jasmine Farouk, MA, LPHCS (Dubai)
  • Dr. Stephane Provencher, LPHCS (USA)
  • Hazel Heath PhD (UK)
  • Dr. Laila Kamel, LPHC (Egypt)
  • Jane Oelke ND, PhD, LPHCS (USA)
  • Annie Gedye, BSc, LPHCS (UK)
  • Johannes R. Fisslinger, LPHCS (Germany)
  • Gita Jayakumar, LPHCS (India)
  • Christa Krahnert ND, LPHCS (Australia)
  • Aisling Killoran, LPHCS (UK)
  • Danijela Haric, BA (USA)
  • Elke Miller, BA, German Cross of Order of Merit  (USA)